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Who are we?
Luxembourg’s premiere Polish Folk Dance Ensemble, Polanie is a Polish folk dance group created in 2019. The ensemble was founded with the aim of presenting and cultivating the rich culture of Polish traditional dances and songs, and, most importantly, having fun!

Despite being a Polish folk dance group, our members represent a wide range of nationalities. The only requirement is an interest towards dance! Classes are instructed in English and Polish.

What do we do?
We perform at different events in the Grand Duchy and neighbouring countries. We are ready to enrich your event and adjust our programme to your needs. Polanie has participated in events such as the Carnival Ball of the Circle Culturel, annual Polish Christmas charity events, the opening of a sporting event in Trier, local festivals in communes, etc.
If your event is looking to provide a rich cultural element - contact us.

In addition to five national dances of krakowiak, polonez, kujawiak, oberek and mazur, Poland is quite rich in culture - every region has its own repertoire of local dances and costumes.
Krakowiak, polonez and kujawiak are amongst those performed by our ensemble.

We are part of Cercle Culturel of the European Institutions in Luxembourg. Thanks to the financial support of the Cercle Culturel we could purchase original Polish folk costumes from Cracow (south Poland) and Lowicz (central Poland) regions.

Our group uses music materials provided by Polish Section of CIOFF® (International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts).

Our performances:

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Date Where Event More information
29 January 2023
The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity - 31st Final Luxembourg - Merl Click...
25 February 2023
12:20 - 12:35
Festival des Migrations Luxembourg - LuxExpo (The Box) ...
07 May 2023 Multikulti Reckange sur Mess ...
8th May 2022
Reckange-sur-Mess MultiKulti 2022 - Fête culturelle et culinaire Click...
9th May 2022
Esch-sur-Alzette, Place de la Résistance La Journée de l'Europe 2022 Page/Flyer
4th June 2022
Gasperich, Maison des Jeunes
11th September 2022 Wincheringen (Germany) Fest der Nationen More information
1st October 2022, ~17:00 Grevenmacher Festival des Nations Flyer
22nd-23rd October 2022 Luxembourg Workshop with dancers from the Polish National Folk Ensemble “Mazowsze”

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Do you want to join us?


Ecole Européenne
23 Boulevard Konrad Adenauer

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Motivated dancers ages 16 and up who wish to experience Polish culture, make friends, improve their fitness and health, and dance, dance, dance.

No experience necessary, men & couples are especially welcome
Just let us know via Facebook, please


We meet pretty much every Monday.

Our practice starts at 19:15
and ends around 21:15.


Just contact us, please!

Our Management Commitee:

  1. President - Joanna Jansen
  2. Artistic Director – Ewa Stacewicz
  3. Managing Director/Secretary – Khristian Kowalski
  4. Treasurer – Wanda Vrbata-Greplowska
  5. Membership Manager/Costume Manager – Kasia Sokolowska
  6. Communications Manager – Jacek Lebioda